Printmotor Stores

Printmotor Stores

Printmotor Stores is a global e-commerce platform which makes it easy for you to set up your own online store, without any cost. Printmotor Stores is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to create and sell their products, but doesn’t want to deal with payments, manufacturing, logistics or customer service. We take care of all that, so that you can focus on creating great products and marketing them to your potential customers.

Create a Store!

Using a Printmotor Stores is easy. You only need digital files for the prints you want to sell, and that’s pretty much it!

Starting is really easy. To do so, follow these steps!

  • Fill Details

    Type in your store name, and provide other details such as currency and your email address

  • Verify Your Email

    Once you’ve specified the details, check your email to confirm the provided email address.

    That’s it! Your Store is now created, and accessible from Internet. Next thing we need to do is to add some products.

    Once you click the confirmation link from your email inbox, you’ll be redirected to Printmotor Stores Admin interface.

Next: Update the Products and Start Selling

Once you’ve logged in to your Printmotor Stores Admin, you’re able to add some products.

  • Add Product

    Access a new product creation link from the left side of the screen.

    Choose the product you want to create: t-shirt, sweatshirt, poster, …

    Proceed by creating the details by uploading your file to system. Append some information on your productm which will help search engines to find your products too.

    Remember to define the sell price for your product! You’ll be able to see end user pricing and your income dynamically while determining the price.

  • Publish Your Product and Start Marketing

    Now you’re all set and your Store is live. Next thing you need to do is to tell the world about your great product! Use Store’s inbuilt Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest links to spread the word!

    Marketing the product is the most essential part for your Store!

  • Follow the Sales

    By using Printmotor Stores Admin interface you’re able to see online your Stores sales. Check how your marketing efforts work in practice!

    You’ll be able to see both the product and profit details of your sales.

  • Collect the Money

    This phase basically don’t need anything for you!

    Printmotor calculates and collectes the revenue your Store generates, performs all the necessary taxing, reduces Printmotor’s fixed on-demand product manufacturing price – and the the rest is yours!

    After each month Printmotor pays your part of the sales to your bank or PayPal account.