What is Printmotor?

Your on-demand printing partner

Printmotor is a printing platform that enables anyone to start a business selling printed goods, anywhere in the world. Printmotor takes care of the production and delivery and lets the entrepreneurs and businesses concentrate on creating beautiful products and selling them.

No set-up fee!

Printmotor business model is simple

    • There is no set-up fee to start using Printmotor. You only pay for the products you sell!
    • We have very competitive prices for all of our products. You can see the prices for each product in detail here.
    • All the prices include free worldwide shipping.
    • You determine the retail prices for the products you sell and keep the profit!
    • Payment for orders:
        • If you are using the Printmotor Server API or external integration such as WooCommerce or Shopify, we will bill you monthly for the product orders delivered.
        • If you are using the Printmotor Client API or our Ready-made stores, both of which have payments built in, we will pay you monthly your share of the products sold.


Printmotor has built a state-of-the-art production system for incoming product orders. All orders are handled by automated software procedures, which removes the possibilities of human error. Post-processing, quality inspection and packing are handled by our staff.

Production is done using latest digital printing technologies in Helsinki, Finland. The production is handled by printing professionals with years of experience.